At Kalasatama

RIESKA (Helsinki, 2010)
Reviving old bread traditions


STADIN UUNI (Helsinki, 2010)
An urban cob oven open for all

Nori and Elissa

STITCH YOUR DREAMS (Helsinki, 2010)
Crafting dreams into a tablecloth

Storyteller Soup

STORYTELLER SOUP (Helsinki, 2010)
The more cooks the better


Salla and Cat

EPHEMERAL DINNER (Helsinki, 2010)
An entirely consumable workshop and dinner


FORAGER LOVES BAKER (Helsinki, 2011)

FORAGER LOVES BAKER (Helsinki, 2011)
Foraging and DIY-pizza for Restaurant Day


Save the bread buffet leftovers

SAVE THE BREAD (Helsinki, 2010)
Celebrating waste in Knödel shape