Trojan Horse Summer School (2016, Bengtsår Island, Finland)

Trojan Horse is a summer school for graphic design, architecture and design students co-organised by architect Kaisa Karvinen, design writer Ida Kukkapuro, graphic desiger and researcher Tommi Vasko and artist Anni Puolakka. Together with the organisers and four mentors from different fields – this year service designer Adrià Garcia Mateu, architect Markus Miessen, Rasmus Svensson from PWR Studio, and myself – workshops, reading circles and other activities were organised.

Students were actively involved in making the programme by contributing their special knowledge to the schedule in short sessions: from fire and knots making to love meditation, nature observation, cross-fit training, You-Tube sessions on the debt economy and non-violent communication, we all learned from each other in an unusual social setting. The summer school culminated in a festival organised by all participants, where thoughts and processes from the camp were presented to the public in a variety of formats.

From the TH-website: “Workshops will provide various perspectives on design practises of the near future. Instead of producing work we encourage students to experiment and question fundamentals on which they build their understanding of the meaning and importance of their own practise. We believe in horizontal and discursive learning environments. In the summer school mundane encounters between workshops, such as cooking, taking hikes or going to sauna, are at least as important as the official programme.”

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