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I’m an interdisciplinary designer, organiser and researcher whose activities are driven by a passion for socio-political and environmental issues, food, D.I.T. (do-it-together)-culture and peer-to-peer learning. Projects that aim to make these issues tangible in accessible and participatory ways always get me excited.
Outputs vary in format as a reaction to local contexts and resources at hand. So far, they have ranged from participatory events, co-design workshops, installations and public interventions to exhibitions, articles, blogs, and publications.
I strongly believe in the potential of collaboration, cultural practice, creativity and design to catalyse positive societal change and create meaningful experiences.

Next to work opportunities in international product, interior and urban design studios, I worked for various NGO’s, municipalities and cultural institutions and supported Emerging Design Practices at Aalto University as research assistant, tutor, lecturer and workshop facilitator. I hold a B.A. in Industrial & Communication Design from the Free University of Bolzano and an M.A. in Applied Art & Design from Aalto University School of Art & Design Helsinki. Non-degree “studies” such as hitchhiking through Europe, travelling the Transsiberian, building a cob oven, selling groceries, becoming a mum, self-publishing a book and collaborating on various great team projects also made me learn many valuable things.

Currently, my research focuses on the commons, diverse economies and neighbourhood resilience as part of my PhD thesis at the School of Architecture – University of Sheffield. I was recently involved in co-organising a summer assembly of movements (MOVE) and am co-founder and chairwoman of the non-profit organisation AoA.

After some ten years of living and working abroad I am now based in Berlin with my family.