Common{s}Lab Nachbarschaftslabor (2017 – ongoing, Berlin)


Common{s}Lab is a neighbourhood project based in Berlin-Neukölln near Tempelhofer Feld and was co-initiated in collaboration with Melissa Harrison and AoA Berlin at the end of 2017. With this project, we aim to co-develop a platform for action and research around the urban commons, diverse economies, and sharing practices in neighbourhoods.


It is hosted by a transdisciplinary project space called TOP, which is run and inhabited by a community of around twenty people of which we have become a part of. The space consists of a co-working area in the back and an event space in the front, a wood workshop in the basement, a biolab and a kitchen. This infrastructure and community has given us the possibility to experiment with different formats to engage with the local and translocal neighbourhood, long-term Berliners, neighbours, expats and newcomers alike from different communities – of interest and of place.


So far, we have had reading groups around different themes, such as common space, solidarity economies, social reproduction, and Marx’s capital; a range of DIY/DIT-furniture workshops using scrap wood from the surrounding streets, facilitated by one of our community’s members, carpenter Veiko Liis; a gift market; a parkour workshop/reading; book presentations, movie screenings and much more.


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