I am very excited – next week, we will meet up with ZEGGs press coordinator Cordula Andrä for a chat on a possible contribution to our book project. ZEGG stands for Zentrum für Experimentelle Gesellschaftsgestaltung (which they translate to: Centre for Experimental Cultural and Social Design). They were founded in 1978 as an intentional community project called “Bauhütte” by Dieter Duhm and others and has developed into ZEGG in 1991 and everafter. These days, it describes itself as “a colourful and diverse cultural centre and well-known networking hub for communities, engaged scientists and other researchers, and peace activists”.

Around 100 adults and children live there as “an intentional community and an international conference centre developing and implementing practical models for a socially and ecologically sustainable way of living.” Throughout its existence, it seems to have made quite an evolution from being a “relatively homogeneous pioneer group” to today’s “variety of initiatives, spiritually and politically active groups, enterprises, artists and creative political thinkers.” (1)

Here, you can see a video on how they work, and also a PDF in which ZEGG presents itself:

Looking forward to the visit.

(1) http://www.zegg.de/en/zegg-community/the-zegg-community.html, viewed 27.9.2013.
(2) Featured image: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Zegg.jpg

Visit to ZEGG
Posted by katharina on 27 September 2013