Everyday, interrupted (2008, Helsinki, Finland)

Everyday, interrupted is an exploration of material, process and the gallery as a workspace. When the production process was over, the installation moved to its next phase of being exhibited and looked at. In the end, it was deinstalled and trashed. The everyday, interrupted and removed from its normal setting, protests against the glorification of the art work on one side, and the ignorance towards everyday objects on the other.

The installation was one of the results of a one-week-long student workshop with Helsinki-based artist Jani Leinonen, exhibited in the group exhibition Home Sweet Home during 2008 in his former gallery Showroom X in Helsinki.

Thanks to: Jani Leinonen, Madeleine Schleich, Timo Salli, the Applied Art & Design class

Final installationGood morning! Wood splints Breakfast bowl Process