It’s been three weeks since I returned from Helsinki and wow, it’s been a whirlwind of inspiration, knowledge and information sucking me right in. I’ve been meaning to write this post two weeks ago already, but so many things have piled up during that time that it’s just going to be one big fat post of inspiration overload today 🙂

Here some of the great discoveries of the past three weeks and upcoming, categorized according to format:

Re:make-Festival 11.-15.9.2013
Open Educational Resources 14.-15.9.2013
Berlin Value Weeks 25.9.-6.10.2013
Experiment Days 6.-15.9.2013
Recycled Creativity 6.-14.9.2014
Open it Festival 26.-29.9.2013
Citizen Art Days 27.9.-6.10.2013 in Markthalle Neun

Events and other:
Day Seminar in Prinzessinengarten „Jetzt gehts um die Karotte!“ 5.10.2013 (went to the workshop on 26.9., recommended!)
Community Lover’s Guide to Berlin Bike tour 20.10.2013
Knowledge transfer and movements lecture series 16.10.2013 – 12.2.2013

Some nice books:
Hannah Arendt: Vita activa oder Vom tätigen Leben (engl.: The Human Condition)
Ruth Levitas: Utopia As Method
Rudolph Steiner: Philosophie der Freiheit
Joseph Beuys: The Reader
Joseph Beuys: 7000 Eichen, 3o years after
Ernst Bloch: Das Prinzip Hoffnung (engl.: The principle of hope)
Jane Bennett: Vibrant Matter

And yesterday, I came across Harald Wezel thanks to one of the workshop participants – he wrote the book Selbst Denken and founded the future institute Futur Zwei. Also, he is director of the research centre Norbert Elias, whose focus is on “transformation design” (though it seems there is no common definition of the term, but maybe that’s just part of the process…). The book is on its way…

Well then, welcome to join the marathon – but I will try to do a slow walk, I realized these things really need some digestion time! 🙂

Back to Berlin – inspiration overload
Posted by katharina on 27 September 2013