Yesterday, we did a little photoshoot of three cups wandering around in Berlin to set up our new project Der Dritte Salon’s website. It will open in October 2013. Here the current text describing what it is all about, more info can soon be found here.

Der Dritte Salon is a wandering and changing platform for the transfer and practice of knowledge waiting to be uncovered. The Salon is open to everyone and everything. Home base is Berlin, with occasional field trips.

Where does the name Der Dritte Salon come from?

The name refers to the concept of the third place – the social meeting point for people next to the private and the work place. In the Dritter Salon, these environments blend together through new concepts of work and leisure time. At best, they come together in accord to open up new intersections.

Vision of the Dritter Salon

The Dritter Salon aims to contrast and balance out places in which one is pressured to consume, perform or have fun – it’s all about unexpected exchange, life-long learning, merging of forces, reinterpretations of resources and the discovery of potential to further creativity, human relationships and new perspectives for everyone.

Opening soon: ‘Der Dritte Salon’
Posted by katharina on 21 August 2013