After too many months working from home, I finally made up my mind and looked for a shared workspace with other people. A lucky coincidence made our search take about umm, half a day? A photographer that went to the same school in Helsinki with us was looking for a new office mate. Two was also fine. So now, there is five of us (two photographers, an artist, CathĂ©rine and me) in a house of many other creatives – there are other artists, photographers and also normal residents in the same building. We’re looking forward to getting to know them over a “Feierabendbier” (after-work beer).

PS.: Yesterday, we found out that the artist in our shared atelier is organizing a really nice event once a month – the repair cafĂ©. There are many all across Germany and other countries. It was also mentioned in this new great book I came across the other day in betahaus (which I still need to write a post on, it’s really beautiful and inspiring!).

And again, the world seems so small and interconnected. Sigh. Isn’t this nice…

New work space, new horizons
Posted by katharina on 15 August 2013