Benches w/o Tools (2010, Fiskars, Finland)

Organized by Aalto university’s woodstudio programme, we traveled together to the small town Fiskars in Western Uusimaa, Finland to do a workshop in collaboration with the local carpenter Nikari. Fiskars is famous as a work retreat for its artisans and artists who sell and exhibit their products in local and national galleries.
The aim of the workshop was to build a bench in 4 days only with hand tools. The carpenter had offered us to take any material from his backyard, where the wood production plant was located. I found the leftover barch of the trees that gets cut off during processing the wooden blocks and used it as the only material to build a bench. No tools other than my hands were used.

Thanks to: Karola Sahi and Mikko Paakkanen, Nikari

Setting Material transport Raw material

Beginning the processWhich took much longer than expected  Detail

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