Save the Bread (2010, Helsinki, Finland)

What is waste? When does our perception of an object change, when does it turn into something that deserves to be thrown in the garbage bin? The food that is being thrown away in Europe would be enough to feed the world’s starving population twice. Still, supermarkets throw away bananas with black dots and bread that expires ‘officially’ one or two days later. Which leads us to the next question: in a world of abundance, what determines our relationship to stuff? How can the longevity of a product be increased, how is it intentionally shortened by the industry?

This event was part of the event series of the project ‘5 – The Dish’. It was an open invitation to become aware of an important societal topic – the creation of unnessecary waste – whilst sharing a part of my own cultural background – German ‘Knödel’, a typical dish used to recycle stale bread.

Thanks to: K-Market, the guests

Knödel bag with recipe Material for knödels Chopping

Adding milkDelicious knödels Tasting the knödels Network Bread "waste" from the supermarket